The 5 Most Famous Head of Nations From Around The World of 2019

The political situation of a country depends on who is leading it. Because the leader is the one who has the most influence on the policy direction of the country he leads. Therefore, there is famous head of nations from around the world.

Usually, well-known leaders have different characteristics. Or, they usually issue controversial policies. If you are curious, let’s jump in the article about 5 famous head of nations from around the world.

1.     Donald Trump

The name Donald Trump was already popular in the world when he was just a candidate for president of the United States. United States presidential election in the spotlight of the world because it is a superpower country.

Donald Trump became more popular when there was a rejection of his election as president of the United States. Moreover, he likes to take controversial political decisions. That is why he is one of the famous head of nations from around the world.

2.     Kim Jong Un

Although the country he leads is not a developed country, his name is very popular. This country is so famous, especially in western countries. Kim Jong Un has the status of president of North Korea and is a dictator. This country is reportedly illegally developing nuclear weapons.

He also threatened several times to attack his neighbors South Korea and also the United States. He plans to attack the two countries with nuclear weapons owned by his country. But fortunately, North Korea’s relations with South Korea and the United States are starting to improve at this time.

3.     Vladimir Putin

Russia always has famous leaders throughout the world. This is because Russia itself is a political opponent of the United States. At present, he leads the Russian State. Under Putin’s leadership, Russia often adopted controversial decisions that caught the world’s attention.

The decision, for example, annexed Crimea from Ukraine. He also continued to support supporting Syrian president Bashar Al Assad even though many people urged him to resign.

4.     Bashad Al Assad

Since the Arab Spring struck Arab countries, many leaders there have been overthrown. But it is different from Bashar Al Assad. His status as a Syrian leader still remains today.

As a result, the country was hit by prolonged civil war. Until now the war is still ongoing. The war that struck Syria made the name Bashar Al Assad famous throughout the world.

5.     Salman Bin Abdulaziz

King Salman bin Abdulaziz is the leader of the State of Saudi Arabia. He was the seventh king and guardian of the two holy cities. He was the 25th son of Ibdu Saud and he became king because he succeeded his brother.

As the leader of the most influential Islamic country in the world, his name has become popular. Currently, he is involved in competition with Iranian leaders to fight for influence in the Middle East. They both accuse each other in every act of terrorism that occurred in the Middle East.

Those are 5 famous head of nations from around the world. The five leaders have different leader characteristics. You can see the character of the five heads of nations from how the country they lead from time to time.