5 Top Fin-Tech Startup Companies So Far In Southeast Asia That Incredibly Growing

As the highest population among the continents, there is no hesitation when Asia becomes the massive site for fin-tech investment. It is a business that targets digital customers around the world. Seeing the mobile users is growing, so does to the fin-tech development too. Thus, many startup companies are born here, including the fin-tech itself. In this article, there are the top fin-tech startup companies so far in Southeast Asia.

Top fin-tech startup companies so far

Even though they are startups, don’t underestimate their contribution to economic growth. Contrarily, their existence gives a huge social impact. People’s life is getting easier, better, and simpler. Indeed, they cannot deny for profit-seeking. But these top fin-tech startup companies so far are dreaming to make a better life too. Here they are:

1. Kredivo

This startup is from Indonesia. They are born to help people in getting a loan. It must be difficult to get a loan from the bank. The bank will give you some questions and uncertainty decision, whether your application is accepted or not. Thus, Kredivo gives you solution by giving installment for 3, 6, or 12 months. Don’t be worried about the rate, Kredivo is affordable and safe.

2. Julo

Still from Indonesia, Julo is one of the growing fin-tech in Asia. It successfully gained funding for many investors, like Skystar Capital and East Ventures. Julo is also giving you a loan, but it has a special assessment by using machine learning. So, you only get the loan based on your creditworthiness. Many micro-entrepreneurs are using Julo’s feature as their started capital.

3. soCash

Now we move to the neighbour. This fin-tech comes from Singapore. soCash is very unique because its user can cash withdrawal or apply for a loan through the mobile application. This innovation makes people’s life easier for sure. Seeing this out-of-the-box idea, in 2019 they got funding from Japan’s cash automation company, named Glory Ltd.

4. HelloGold

Not far from Singapore, there is HelloGold from Malaysia. By using this application, now you can simply sell and buy the gold as little as RM. You can manage your gold and enjoy the market competition. It is safe to make transaction here. Because your gold is insured and stored securely. The founder claimed that HelloGold is the first shariah mobile application to do anything with your gold.

5. MyCash Online

This fin-tech has two country basis. One in Singapore, then the second is in Malaysia. At the first time, the founders created MyCash Online for migrants who were unbanked. So, they created this fin-tech as the online financial market place for migrants in Southeast Asia. It offers many facilities, such as reload phone credit, pay credit card, and many more. Surprisingly, you can do these things without using bank account, credit card number, or cash.

Seeing the transformation of market habit, just believe that many innovations might occur in the future. Any innovation should make people’s life better, or at least solve the existing problem. It was proven bu those top fin-tech startup companies so far above. Thanks to the founders who made everything is solved through the phone screen and fingers.

Can Fleas Transfer From Dog to Human? The Answer and How To Prevent It

At this time, there are many households around the world have dogs as a pet. Besides, half of them are sharing their beds with a human. Outside there, many living creatures can infect a dog and caused diseases. One of those creatures is flea. As a result, many people start asking can fleas transfer from dog to human?

Can Fleas Transfer from Dog to Human

We always wondered how creepy it is when we face the fleas in our hair. Furthermore, the fleas usually infected a dog and then caused itchy in pet skin and make them feel tortured. But have we ever searching for more about can fleas transfer from dog to human? We will give you the answer.

Can Fleas Transfer from Dog to Human?

Yes, the fleas can be transferred from a dog to a human. When our pets infected by fleas, we usually bath them with an anti-fleas shampoo or spray-medicine to kill the fleas. In contrast, sometimes we ignore that fleas can live in our hair or other animals. Fleas from a dog can transfer to a human while we don’t know how to treat our pets better.

There are many species of fleas and each animal has specific fleas that can infect them. Above all, humans have a few species of fleas that can live in her head. hile the fleas that infected your dog jump into us and then bite us, the fleas will not survive on it. This is because our body is less hairy for the fleas to hide on. Besides, fleas can hibernate on carpet or other spot and waiting to infect your dogs.

How Can We Spot a Disease are Caused By Fleas?

Many people thinking that the main symptoms of the fleas are itchy skin. But this itchy is just appear in people or pets with an allergy. If you don’t have any allergies to fleas saliva, these symptoms won’t appear.

If something that bites you is fleas, it will visible some signs. Firstly, there are little bites with a red color and little bumps. Secondly, there will be a white circle around the bites. Bites will appear in the group form a straight line. Above all, you will see bites around the leg or foot.

Fleas Treatment

If you have dogs and cats as a pet in your home, it is important to treat all of them. Because the dog and cats can share the same fleas. First of all, you need to apply a product that contains the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) on your home and your pets to destroy all the flea eggs and larvae. Besides, you also should clean your house with a vacuum cleaner and then throw it in the right place.

If your dogs are mostly live outside the house you can spray a product containing IGR near your house. You need to focus on tall grass and areas that didn’t touch by the sunlight. Don’t forget to repeat it every 2 – 3 weeks.

There is the answer to the question of can fleas transfer from dog to human? I also give you some tricks to spot it and prevent it. I hope this article can help you.

Top 5 Best Cooking Games for Adult to Play

Cooking Games for Adult

You will find a day full of boredom and annoyance. You can overcome this by playing exciting games. Try playing cooking games for adults that can cure your frustration. Playing cooking games is definitely fun because you will imagine and learn cooking simulations.

There are many adult-cooking games that you can play in. You can choose one of many games according to the game theme and your preferences. Let’s check the list above about cooking games for adult:

1. Cooking in The Kitchen

This cooking game provides a variety of recipes to cook. You can choose the menu here from about 25 types of food available. Starting from hamburgers, donuts, soups, spaghetti, sushi, pizza, sorbet, cake, to cocktails.

All foods can be decorated with various toppings and decorations according to taste. This game is very suitable for you because the graphic display is similar to the original food.

2. Warung Chain: Go Food Express

In this game, you will be a waiter who will prepare dishes for customers. This cooking game introduces various Indonesian specialties such as meatballs, martabak, fried chicken, round tofu, and Balinese rice. You also have to choose dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

By playing this game, you have to think fast to choose and cook food on demand. Otherwise, the customer will run away from the stall. How to play this cooking game is quite easy, and can cause addiction.

3. Deep Fry Maker

Cooking in the entertainment arena like the night market can also be an interesting game. You can choose where to sell, and then choose food to be processed. Then mix it with herbs, and cook it.

Roadside snacks in this game are easy to process. And it is very interesting because the setting is in a lively place of entertainment. The various selling places displayed to give more choices to be played. This is one of the most entertaining cooking games for adult.

4. Pizza Maker

Arrange pizza toppings to be a very fun game in this game. This cooking game starts with making pizza dough and then arranges the toppings. You can make the dough in various shapes. Players also have to make the sauce, grate cheese, and chop vegetables to make delicious home-cooked pizza.

With this cooking game, you can practice making authentic Italian pizza. This game is relatively simple but a bit challenging. This game has high-quality graphics, recipes that can really be practiced, and images of cooking methods that are very clear.

5. Diner Dash

Diner Dash includes cooking games that spur you to serve visitors well and quickly. At the very least, you must be skillful in providing the food and drink that the customer asks for. If it’s too late or too long to wait, customers can get angry and leave.

Therefore, the most important thing in the Diner Dash game is being thorough, capable, and able to do multitasking work. So, you are not only required to serve one dining table but dozens of dining tables or more.

Cooking games for adults are very fun and exciting. You can play the game online and offline. Moreover, you will forget for a moment the boredom and immersed in an exciting game.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Hainan You Shouldn’t Miss

China is famous for the Great Wall and also has a variety of other beautiful tourist attractions. One of the tourist paradises is in Hainan. Many tourist attractions that you can visit while you are here. Tourist attractions in Hainan will not disappoint you.

Hainan is a small island in the southernmost part of China. For hundreds of years, the island has become a place of political prisoners and isolated from the outside world. But who would have thoughts; Hainan became a tourist paradise now. Here are the famous tourist attractions in Hainan:

1. Nansan Temple

This Buddhist temple is an icon of Hainan. Moreover, this temple is very famous for its cultural heritage in the form of Avalokitesvara. This statue is made of gold and gems and the height is 108 meters.

Furthermore, this statue is certainly higher than the Statue of Liberty in the United States. This tourist attraction in Hainan has a beautiful panorama.

2. Tianya Haujiao

You can enjoy the view of the blue sea and the beautiful beach here. This tourist paradise on the far end of Sanya is romantic and beautiful. Moreover, this beach is very popular because the nature is very heavenly. This beach also has white and clean sand.

In addition, you will get a very impressive view when the sun sets and the sunrises. You can also enjoy the scenery while taking pictures on the rocks full of romantic stories. This beach is also known as the end of the Chinese world.

3. Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

For those of you who want to explore nature, you can choose this place as a tourist attraction. This place is a tropical forest in Hainan. Moreover, this place has a very beautiful view with lush forests and clear flowing rivers.

You can enjoy the beauty of the forest and the flowers that bloom from the suspension bridge. Then, for those of you who like to drive adrenaline, you can try a ride from a height. There are also vehicles such as buses to get around this beautiful park.

4. Sanya Bay

This beach is a popular tourist destination for those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of white sand. Moreover, because of the easy access to this beach, many tourists often come here. This beach is also known as Russian Bay because tourist often visits it from Russia.

You can swim and surf to enjoys the beautiful sea views here. When visiting here, be sure to enjoy the beautiful sunset views. Around this beach, there are quite a lot of hotels with a low budget. It is suitable for backpacker tourists.

5. Wuzhizhou Island

This island is often referred to as The Maldives of China. Moreover, the island is only 20 minutes by ferry from the main island of Hainan. This island is the first diving place opened to the public in China. Furthermore, this place also suitable for both beginners and professional divers.

This beach also has extensive beautiful coral. Thus, if you dive here you will see an amazing underwater view. The sea on this beach has high waves and is very challenging. This is perfect for you to surf.

Now you know about another tourist paradise in China. Tourist attractions in Hainan will make you relax from all your complicated activities. You can choose which tourist attractions that are fun for you.

5 Things What to Include in Project Report For Evaluation You Shouldn’t Forget

what to include in project report

When you have a project, you need to evaluate periodically. By doing this, you can see the progress, the obstacles, or probably you need to change the strategy. Those all can be seen from the project report, a document that shows you a helicopter view of the project. But sometimes, the report cannot visualize what the readers need to know. So, to avoid misconception of your work, you must understand what to include in project report.

Remember, people who read the report are usually the management or at least your supervisor. They will report the progress to higher-level management. That is why make your report as clear as you can. See things below of what to include in project report. Don’t miss even one thing, unless your report will be useless, or even worse you are considered not capable of doing your work.

1. Clear Opening

Every document has a title with a sub-title. You must make a clear sentence here to give the readers’ glance view. Choose a simple and clear title, fox example putting the period of the project. Remember, the title is not about how interesting it is. The title talks generally the whole report.

2. Quick Executive Summary

The purpose of an executive summary is quite the same as the title. The different is an executive summary captures a wider view of the progress. However, you cannot make a long explanation here. Two until three sentences are still proper for this part. To make it stronger, you can give the data which highlights the report.

3. Focus to the Milestones

We know that every data seems important to be reported. However, an effective report is something that focuses on one or two problems. Then, the problems are explained, discussed, and evaluated. The focus can be anything, you need to discuss this with your supervisor. You ask for advice about which issue needs to be highlighted.

4. Show Accurate Data

This could be the main part of every project report. What to include in project report most is the data. Add the data relates to the problem discusses. The more specific, the better for evaluation. You can see from various points of view. Because each data can support other data to get a strong review. Talking about data, it is not only about the number, table, or graphic. You might also attach a supporting document, such as photos, e-mail, questionnaires, and many others.

5.      Additional Notes in Conclusion

Now is the time to wrap up your report. Make a clear conclusion for all the problems highlighted. It has not to be punchy, but you must able to gather the main points. Reading a conclusion is like reading the executive summary. But the difference is a conclusion is completed with recommendations for further program.

Each project report has a different focus, thus the format is also not the same. No matter the structure is, most project report has main points to include. Those are already discussed above what to include in project report. Keep learning to make an improvement in your report. The more effective it is, the easier people to evaluate.

Ladies, Here Is The List Of Safe Country For Solo Female Traveler

Solo traveling has been a trend today. Moreover for the Millenials, traveling around the world can be a way to find themselves. Unluckily, not all countries are safe for the traveler, especially for women. It is better for them to stay in a hotel after dark. But, don’t be worry if you visit these countries below. We have selected the safe country for solo female traveler as your reference.

To travel alone you must do good preparation. Another thing is you have to consider several possibilities because bad things might happen, so train your self not to be panic. Calm yourself and think clearly. If this is your first time to go by yourself, visit this the safe country for solo female traveller:

1. Canada

Canada always attracts anyone who wants to enjoy nature sceneries. This country has great rainforest, the Artic Baffin Island, and many more. Its safety track record is good for women travelling alone. Some people feel visiting Canada like be in Asia and Europe at the same time. Vancouver has a similar skyline system like in China, also for the food of course. Then, when in Montreal, you will find French and English cafes.

2. Philippines

This country could be one of your choices for the destination. Philippines is one of the Asian countries that have a strong local culture. If you are dreaming of travelling like the real citizen, then it is the right place. In fact, not all tourists are those who really want to travel. Many of them actually are joining the volunteer program. Thus, they are in Philippines.

3. Germany

Don’t be afraid of visiting this country alone. First, most people now understand English. Second, the public transportation system is so friendly which connects the main city with the places around. Last, Germany has many outdoor activities which allow you to meet many people. Thus, there is no doubt adding Germany in your next holiday destination.

4. Thailand

If you are about going to Asia, don’t forget to visit Thailand. Within this country, you can see a glance whole of Asian culture. This country is a backpacker-friendly. It is common to see tourists with their carrier on the back walking around. You will have various experiences by visiting Thailand. There are numbers of adventure and city walk holiday. Do you want to go shopping after hiking or tracking mountain? Then, Thailand should be the answer for your solo-escapism.

5. Mexico

Enrich your culture experience by visiting Mexico. This country not only has a different culture but also landscape and adventurous activities. Don’t forget to taste the original culinary. You will be sorry if you don’t walk outside and enjoy the evening. Lots of bars provide you with a sensational music performance. Seeing this exciting condition, Mexico becomes a safe country for solo female traveler.

Challenging is the right phrase to describe solo traveling. Moreover, it is the first time for you to feel get lost in another country. Surely, this thing will make you a free and independent woman. But also, you have to have a strong principe too. The safe country for solo female traveler has been recommended by some travelers. So, prepare your self to create your own experience.

5 Best Places To Stay In Bali For Any Budget

best places to stay in Bali

Bali is the best island in the world is because Bali has everything. The island has a genuine culture and stunning beauty. So, no wonder many people want to visit Bali. However, make sure you stay in one of the best places to stay in Bali.

Many available hotels and resorts in Bali. Choose one of the best places to stay in Bali according to the budget you have. Make sure you choose the place according to your preferences. Here are the 5 best places if you want to stay in Bali:

1. Padma Resort Ubud

This resort is one of the favorite foreigners because apart from the noise. This resort is also very spacious, so whatever you need for a vacation is all here. Padma Resort also has a famous infinity pool and it has a bar at the edge of the pool.

This resort is a luxury 5-star resort with typical Balinese decoration on the walls. In addition, You can also find facilities such as a gym, tennis court, SPA, restaurants, and others. The resort is close to Legian Beach and famous shopping places in Seminyak.

2. Ayana Resort

This luxury hotel has a private beach area with a comfortable atmosphere for every guest. Besides having a private beach, this resort also has four beautiful swimming pools. The best swimming pool is The Ocean Beach pool that is located on a cliff with views of the Indian Ocean.

You can also take park in all Balinese cultural programs. So, besides staying at this luxury hotel, you can learn Balinese culture. There are 10 restaurants, bars spread across this resort and many other facilities. Moreover, no wonder Ayana resort is one of the best places to stay in Bali.

3. Best Western Kuta Beach

If you have a limited budget but still want to stay in a luxurious hotel, you can choose this hotel. You will spend money worthy of classy service from Best Western management. Best Western management is a hotel chain that has spread almost all over the world.

This hotel provides a Standard Room, Premium Room, Deluxe Room, and Junior Suite Room. Do not forget to take the time to swim on the rooftop of this hotel. Furthermore, there is a swimming pool on the roof f the hotel with views of Kuta Beach.

4. Puri Garden Hostel and Hotel

This hostel is one of the luxury hotels in Bali. You can fund swimming pools up to yoga classes here. This hostel is located in the center of Ubud, which is close to shopping areas and cafes. If you have a limited budget, this hostel is worth choosing.

You can also find live music in this hotel garden. If you like yoga, this hostel is perfect for you. Because many yogis are willing to stay here for a long time so you can practice yoga together.

5. Borough Capsule Hostel

If you want to experience staying in a capsule-style hostel, you can choose this hostel. Each capsule consists of 1 mat, foldable laptop table, power socket, and a personal light. Most importantly, each guest gets 1 electronic locker.

This hostel is located in Legian, Kuta. You can easily see shops, cafes, and bars. This hostel also has a swimming pool and sundeck on the roof. Moreover, there are free facilitates, such as Wi-Fi, towels, and breakfast.

Those are 5 best places to stay in Bali for any budget. You can choose one of them depends on your budget and preferences. Do not forget to taste the typical Balinese food and come to famous tourist attractions in Bali.