Best Volcanic Islands to Visit on Your Vacation

If you are planning to go on a unique vacation, try going to a volcanic island for a while. The volcanic island is an island that contains volcanoes that are usually still active. However, volcanic islands are safe to visit, unless there is a warning from the government area. Some of the best volcanic islands to visit offer beautiful views, challenges, and experiences that you will never forget.

There are many beautiful best volcanic islands to visit in the world, from the north to the south of the world. They all offer different facilities and attractions to visitors. But, one thing that you will surely see in all volcanic islands is the beautiful sunrise and sunset. Here are some of the best volcanic islands that you can consider visiting:

1. Mount Bromo Island

If you are looking for a cheap volcanic island trip, you can visit Mount Bromo Island in Indonesia. The volcanoes on this island are still active and sometimes spray out volcanic. However, most of the time, the volcanoes are safe and silent. To get on the top of the mountain, visitors must do a two-hour walk. Despite the long walk, people can see the beautiful sunrise from above the mountain. Another place people can visit while they are here is, the Teletubbies field and sand field.

2. Soufriere, St. Lucia

For a more luxurious vacation, come and visit St. Lucia, where they have one of the most beautiful volcanic islands. To get here, people can catch a direct flight from the US. Then, they can choose many options for hotels from world-class hotels, to simple hotels. Here, visitors must explore the beautiful nature such as Diamond Botanical Garden, Diamond waterfall to mineral baths. If you drive a bit farther, you will arrive in the only drive-in volcano in the world. In this trip, with the help of a guide, you can drive towards the boiling mud of the volcano.

3. Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is already famous for its beautiful beaches, and this includes volcanic islands. Here, people will have plenty of activities to do, from seeing the sunset to swimming around. One of the best places to see the sunrise in Hawaii is the Haleakala National Park, which is 77% volcano. Here people will not only see the sunrise, but also the beautiful view of the volcanoes around. As for the resort, people can choose the Kaanapali Region, where it is full of a world-class hotel.

4. Reykjavik, Iceland

This is one of the best volcanic islands to visit that you must consider. Unlike any other places, Reykjavik is the place of volcanoes, glaciers and many more. The must-visit place here is the terrain, which people may not see in other places around the world. The terrain was once used as a training ground for astronauts to train. To get to Reykjavik, people will need to ride a helicopter. So, it is a bit pricey for the trip. However, everything you get is worth the price.

5. Tenerife, Canary Islands

For those who are an adventure, lovers must come to the Canary Islands. Covered with black sand and eternal spring, people will experience the best adventure they can plan. Being here, you must also visit Teide, Spain’s highest peak.

Surely, you will never regret visiting these islands for your vacation. The best volcanic Islands to visit must be Reykjavik, but you must also make time for others. Overall the costs are also a bit expensive, therefore don’t forget to do some savings.

5 Things You Should Know Before Diving with Manta Rays Hawaii

If everyone has the same chance to travel around the world, then Hawaii must be included in their list. It is a beautiful island where you’d get a complete package of a holiday. Culture, culinary, even water activities are so varied here. One of the favorite water activities to do is diving with manta rays Hawaii. Don’t miss to do this while you are there.

Actually, there are some spots to dive with manta rays around the world. But Hawaii is the best place for it. You don’t only swim along with that fish, but also you will be amazed by the beauty inside the sea. Many people know that Hawaii has a special sight for beach. Thus, diving with manta rays Hawaii is not the same as you do in other places. Before you do this, there are things you should pay attention, like:

1.      The Safety

You might Google how the manta rays look like. You must be amazed by seeing the fish that big. Indeed, manta rays are very big because their size can be up to 9 meters and their weight is possibly up to 2 tons. However, they are good animals and will not hurt you. That is why diving with manta rays Hawaii is something that tourists like to do.

2.      The Ecology

It is quite difficult to find manta rays, but not that hard too. Manta rays love being in warm water. They eat plankton, thus if you are lucky, you will find them near the reef. Sometimes they swim near the surface and suddenly leaps. When you dive in, you might meet them at the reef cleaning station. There is a place where swimmers and divers can see closely.

3.      The Site

As we mentioned above that there are many sites to dive with manta rays. However, there is no better site than in Kona, Hawaii. The thing that makes it special because the site is popular with “cleaning stations”. It means you can see directly how manta rays cleaning their bodies by smaller creatures. It is so fun to see their activity. Also, you can see while they are enjoying “dinner” too there.

4.      The Preparation

If you want to dive, of course, you have to be skilled before. No matter you are a beginner or master, you can enjoy diving with manta rays Hawaii. But don’t be sad if you cannot swim, just have snorkeling to see manta rays. Before you do this, you must contact the manta learning center or Hawaii tourism center. They have strict rules and standards to protect the manta rays.

5.      The Right Time

Morning is the best time to dive with manta rays. The tour will start departing from a harbor, then take you to the site. You will arrive in a feeding zone where manta rays gathered. Just like the other diving session, the instructor will give you some instructions about do’s and don’ts. They explain how to behave while you are around manta rays.

Other people dive and snorkel at night. But it is only to experience one because you will get a different view. Indeed, the sensation is different than you do in the morning or evening. Diving with manta rays Hawaii must be added to your holiday list. Or, you will be sorry seeing your friends do it first.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Hainan You Shouldn’t Miss

China is famous for the Great Wall and also has a variety of other beautiful tourist attractions. One of the tourist paradises is in Hainan. Many tourist attractions that you can visit while you are here. Tourist attractions in Hainan will not disappoint you.

Hainan is a small island in the southernmost part of China. For hundreds of years, the island has become a place of political prisoners and isolated from the outside world. But who would have thoughts; Hainan became a tourist paradise now. Here are the famous tourist attractions in Hainan:

1. Nansan Temple

This Buddhist temple is an icon of Hainan. Moreover, this temple is very famous for its cultural heritage in the form of Avalokitesvara. This statue is made of gold and gems and the height is 108 meters.

Furthermore, this statue is certainly higher than the Statue of Liberty in the United States. This tourist attraction in Hainan has a beautiful panorama.

2. Tianya Haujiao

You can enjoy the view of the blue sea and the beautiful beach here. This tourist paradise on the far end of Sanya is romantic and beautiful. Moreover, this beach is very popular because the nature is very heavenly. This beach also has white and clean sand.

In addition, you will get a very impressive view when the sun sets and the sunrises. You can also enjoy the scenery while taking pictures on the rocks full of romantic stories. This beach is also known as the end of the Chinese world.

3. Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

For those of you who want to explore nature, you can choose this place as a tourist attraction. This place is a tropical forest in Hainan. Moreover, this place has a very beautiful view with lush forests and clear flowing rivers.

You can enjoy the beauty of the forest and the flowers that bloom from the suspension bridge. Then, for those of you who like to drive adrenaline, you can try a ride from a height. There are also vehicles such as buses to get around this beautiful park.

4. Sanya Bay

This beach is a popular tourist destination for those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of white sand. Moreover, because of the easy access to this beach, many tourists often come here. This beach is also known as Russian Bay because tourist often visits it from Russia.

You can swim and surf to enjoys the beautiful sea views here. When visiting here, be sure to enjoy the beautiful sunset views. Around this beach, there are quite a lot of hotels with a low budget. It is suitable for backpacker tourists.

5. Wuzhizhou Island

This island is often referred to as The Maldives of China. Moreover, the island is only 20 minutes by ferry from the main island of Hainan. This island is the first diving place opened to the public in China. Furthermore, this place also suitable for both beginners and professional divers.

This beach also has extensive beautiful coral. Thus, if you dive here you will see an amazing underwater view. The sea on this beach has high waves and is very challenging. This is perfect for you to surf.

Now you know about another tourist paradise in China. Tourist attractions in Hainan will make you relax from all your complicated activities. You can choose which tourist attractions that are fun for you.

5 Best Places To Stay In Bali For Any Budget

best places to stay in Bali

Bali is the best island in the world is because Bali has everything. The island has a genuine culture and stunning beauty. So, no wonder many people want to visit Bali. However, make sure you stay in one of the best places to stay in Bali.

Many available hotels and resorts in Bali. Choose one of the best places to stay in Bali according to the budget you have. Make sure you choose the place according to your preferences. Here are the 5 best places if you want to stay in Bali:

1. Padma Resort Ubud

This resort is one of the favorite foreigners because apart from the noise. This resort is also very spacious, so whatever you need for a vacation is all here. Padma Resort also has a famous infinity pool and it has a bar at the edge of the pool.

This resort is a luxury 5-star resort with typical Balinese decoration on the walls. In addition, You can also find facilities such as a gym, tennis court, SPA, restaurants, and others. The resort is close to Legian Beach and famous shopping places in Seminyak.

2. Ayana Resort

This luxury hotel has a private beach area with a comfortable atmosphere for every guest. Besides having a private beach, this resort also has four beautiful swimming pools. The best swimming pool is The Ocean Beach pool that is located on a cliff with views of the Indian Ocean.

You can also take park in all Balinese cultural programs. So, besides staying at this luxury hotel, you can learn Balinese culture. There are 10 restaurants, bars spread across this resort and many other facilities. Moreover, no wonder Ayana resort is one of the best places to stay in Bali.

3. Best Western Kuta Beach

If you have a limited budget but still want to stay in a luxurious hotel, you can choose this hotel. You will spend money worthy of classy service from Best Western management. Best Western management is a hotel chain that has spread almost all over the world.

This hotel provides a Standard Room, Premium Room, Deluxe Room, and Junior Suite Room. Do not forget to take the time to swim on the rooftop of this hotel. Furthermore, there is a swimming pool on the roof f the hotel with views of Kuta Beach.

4. Puri Garden Hostel and Hotel

This hostel is one of the luxury hotels in Bali. You can fund swimming pools up to yoga classes here. This hostel is located in the center of Ubud, which is close to shopping areas and cafes. If you have a limited budget, this hostel is worth choosing.

You can also find live music in this hotel garden. If you like yoga, this hostel is perfect for you. Because many yogis are willing to stay here for a long time so you can practice yoga together.

5. Borough Capsule Hostel

If you want to experience staying in a capsule-style hostel, you can choose this hostel. Each capsule consists of 1 mat, foldable laptop table, power socket, and a personal light. Most importantly, each guest gets 1 electronic locker.

This hostel is located in Legian, Kuta. You can easily see shops, cafes, and bars. This hostel also has a swimming pool and sundeck on the roof. Moreover, there are free facilitates, such as Wi-Fi, towels, and breakfast.

Those are 5 best places to stay in Bali for any budget. You can choose one of them depends on your budget and preferences. Do not forget to taste the typical Balinese food and come to famous tourist attractions in Bali.