The 5 Most Famous Head of Nations From Around The World of 2019

The political situation of a country depends on who is leading it. Because the leader is the one who has the most influence on the policy direction of the country he leads. Therefore, there is famous head of nations from around the world.

Usually, well-known leaders have different characteristics. Or, they usually issue controversial policies. If you are curious, let’s jump in the article about 5 famous head of nations from around the world.

1.     Donald Trump

The name Donald Trump was already popular in the world when he was just a candidate for president of the United States. United States presidential election in the spotlight of the world because it is a superpower country.

Donald Trump became more popular when there was a rejection of his election as president of the United States. Moreover, he likes to take controversial political decisions. That is why he is one of the famous head of nations from around the world.

2.     Kim Jong Un

Although the country he leads is not a developed country, his name is very popular. This country is so famous, especially in western countries. Kim Jong Un has the status of president of North Korea and is a dictator. This country is reportedly illegally developing nuclear weapons.

He also threatened several times to attack his neighbors South Korea and also the United States. He plans to attack the two countries with nuclear weapons owned by his country. But fortunately, North Korea’s relations with South Korea and the United States are starting to improve at this time.

3.     Vladimir Putin

Russia always has famous leaders throughout the world. This is because Russia itself is a political opponent of the United States. At present, he leads the Russian State. Under Putin’s leadership, Russia often adopted controversial decisions that caught the world’s attention.

The decision, for example, annexed Crimea from Ukraine. He also continued to support supporting Syrian president Bashar Al Assad even though many people urged him to resign.

4.     Bashad Al Assad

Since the Arab Spring struck Arab countries, many leaders there have been overthrown. But it is different from Bashar Al Assad. His status as a Syrian leader still remains today.

As a result, the country was hit by prolonged civil war. Until now the war is still ongoing. The war that struck Syria made the name Bashar Al Assad famous throughout the world.

5.     Salman Bin Abdulaziz

King Salman bin Abdulaziz is the leader of the State of Saudi Arabia. He was the seventh king and guardian of the two holy cities. He was the 25th son of Ibdu Saud and he became king because he succeeded his brother.

As the leader of the most influential Islamic country in the world, his name has become popular. Currently, he is involved in competition with Iranian leaders to fight for influence in the Middle East. They both accuse each other in every act of terrorism that occurred in the Middle East.

Those are 5 famous head of nations from around the world. The five leaders have different leader characteristics. You can see the character of the five heads of nations from how the country they lead from time to time.

The Longest Reigning Monarch You Might Not Realize

Today most countries in the world are starting to use democratic means of governance. Leaders such as the president are now by-election from the citizens. However, years before this happened many countries had long-reigning monarchs that had absolute authority. Most of the reigning monarchs are people who have had dominions from their generation before. Usually, their parents are the king/queen of the country. And it is continued by their sons or daughter. Therefore, most of the leaders become the longest reigning monarch. Even though many countries have changed, some countries still apply the monarchy system.

The Longest Reigning Monarch You Might Not Realize

Usually, leaders in these countries will lead for a very long time. The fact has shown that most leaders stop leading because of health issues or have died. Here are some of the longest reigning monarch:

1. Elizabeth II – United Kingdom

Who doesn’t know Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom? Queen Elizabeth started to lead England in 1952, after the death of her father George VI. This year the queen will be leading England for over 67 years, which is longer than her great-great-grandmother.

2. King Bhumibol Adulyadej – King of Thailand

Bhumibol Adulyadej became king in 1946 after his brother King Mahidol died. He became one of the longest kings in Thailand for almost 70 years. During his era of the king, he was known close to his people. He was able to unite and unify Thailand’s people during the military coup. Therefore, he became a very popular king in Thailand and was loved by them all. The king started to withdraw from the public after his health weakened. The kind died at the age of 88 and will be remembered by the public.

3. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah – Sultan of Brunei

Brunei is a tiny nation lead by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. He is the son of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin, which is the 28th Sultan of Brunei. After his dad abdicated the throne, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah became until today. During his period, he succeeds in advancing Brunei’s natural source such as extensive petroleum and gas reserves. Therefore, the people in Brunei became one of the most economically and socially prosperous in the world.

4. Sultan Qaboos – Sultan of Oman

Sultan of Oman is now 75 years old and has been ruling the country for more than 46 years. He became a sultan after going against his father in 1970. Early in his period, Oman was a poor country with lacking infrastructure, healthcare, and education. With the revenue from the oil industry, Sultan Qaboos built the country to a better place. He provided schools, hospitals, and modern infrastructure to develop the country. To expedite the plan, he also paved many roads and strengthen the telecommunication in the country. Sultan Qaboos is still ruling until today.

So, those are some of the longest reigning monarchs that are known by many people in the world. Most of these leaders have absolute authority in their hands. Thus, in their long period, most of the leaders have made a change to their country. They made positive effects on their country. Therefore, their public respects and value them very much.

5 Top Fin-Tech Startup Companies So Far In Southeast Asia That Incredibly Growing

As the highest population among the continents, there is no hesitation when Asia becomes the massive site for fin-tech investment. It is a business that targets digital customers around the world. Seeing the mobile users is growing, so does to the fin-tech development too. Thus, many startup companies are born here, including the fin-tech itself. In this article, there are the top fin-tech startup companies so far in Southeast Asia.

Top fin-tech startup companies so far

Even though they are startups, don’t underestimate their contribution to economic growth. Contrarily, their existence gives a huge social impact. People’s life is getting easier, better, and simpler. Indeed, they cannot deny for profit-seeking. But these top fin-tech startup companies so far are dreaming to make a better life too. Here they are:

1. Kredivo

This startup is from Indonesia. They are born to help people in getting a loan. It must be difficult to get a loan from the bank. The bank will give you some questions and uncertainty decision, whether your application is accepted or not. Thus, Kredivo gives you solution by giving installment for 3, 6, or 12 months. Don’t be worried about the rate, Kredivo is affordable and safe.

2. Julo

Still from Indonesia, Julo is one of the growing fin-tech in Asia. It successfully gained funding for many investors, like Skystar Capital and East Ventures. Julo is also giving you a loan, but it has a special assessment by using machine learning. So, you only get the loan based on your creditworthiness. Many micro-entrepreneurs are using Julo’s feature as their started capital.

3. soCash

Now we move to the neighbour. This fin-tech comes from Singapore. soCash is very unique because its user can cash withdrawal or apply for a loan through the mobile application. This innovation makes people’s life easier for sure. Seeing this out-of-the-box idea, in 2019 they got funding from Japan’s cash automation company, named Glory Ltd.

4. HelloGold

Not far from Singapore, there is HelloGold from Malaysia. By using this application, now you can simply sell and buy the gold as little as RM. You can manage your gold and enjoy the market competition. It is safe to make transaction here. Because your gold is insured and stored securely. The founder claimed that HelloGold is the first shariah mobile application to do anything with your gold.

5. MyCash Online

This fin-tech has two country basis. One in Singapore, then the second is in Malaysia. At the first time, the founders created MyCash Online for migrants who were unbanked. So, they created this fin-tech as the online financial market place for migrants in Southeast Asia. It offers many facilities, such as reload phone credit, pay credit card, and many more. Surprisingly, you can do these things without using bank account, credit card number, or cash.

Seeing the transformation of market habit, just believe that many innovations might occur in the future. Any innovation should make people’s life better, or at least solve the existing problem. It was proven bu those top fin-tech startup companies so far above. Thanks to the founders who made everything is solved through the phone screen and fingers.

Ladies, Here Is The List Of Safe Country For Solo Female Traveler

Solo traveling has been a trend today. Moreover for the Millenials, traveling around the world can be a way to find themselves. Unluckily, not all countries are safe for the traveler, especially for women. It is better for them to stay in a hotel after dark. But, don’t be worry if you visit these countries below. We have selected the safe country for solo female traveler as your reference.

To travel alone you must do good preparation. Another thing is you have to consider several possibilities because bad things might happen, so train your self not to be panic. Calm yourself and think clearly. If this is your first time to go by yourself, visit this the safe country for solo female traveller:

1. Canada

Canada always attracts anyone who wants to enjoy nature sceneries. This country has great rainforest, the Artic Baffin Island, and many more. Its safety track record is good for women travelling alone. Some people feel visiting Canada like be in Asia and Europe at the same time. Vancouver has a similar skyline system like in China, also for the food of course. Then, when in Montreal, you will find French and English cafes.

2. Philippines

This country could be one of your choices for the destination. Philippines is one of the Asian countries that have a strong local culture. If you are dreaming of travelling like the real citizen, then it is the right place. In fact, not all tourists are those who really want to travel. Many of them actually are joining the volunteer program. Thus, they are in Philippines.

3. Germany

Don’t be afraid of visiting this country alone. First, most people now understand English. Second, the public transportation system is so friendly which connects the main city with the places around. Last, Germany has many outdoor activities which allow you to meet many people. Thus, there is no doubt adding Germany in your next holiday destination.

4. Thailand

If you are about going to Asia, don’t forget to visit Thailand. Within this country, you can see a glance whole of Asian culture. This country is a backpacker-friendly. It is common to see tourists with their carrier on the back walking around. You will have various experiences by visiting Thailand. There are numbers of adventure and city walk holiday. Do you want to go shopping after hiking or tracking mountain? Then, Thailand should be the answer for your solo-escapism.

5. Mexico

Enrich your culture experience by visiting Mexico. This country not only has a different culture but also landscape and adventurous activities. Don’t forget to taste the original culinary. You will be sorry if you don’t walk outside and enjoy the evening. Lots of bars provide you with a sensational music performance. Seeing this exciting condition, Mexico becomes a safe country for solo female traveler.

Challenging is the right phrase to describe solo traveling. Moreover, it is the first time for you to feel get lost in another country. Surely, this thing will make you a free and independent woman. But also, you have to have a strong principe too. The safe country for solo female traveler has been recommended by some travelers. So, prepare your self to create your own experience.