Parent’s Guide of What to Do If Your Baby Has Sensitive Skin

You might be wondering why your baby’s skin is so sensitive. Well, in fact, everybody including you is the same. When you first saw the world, your skin was also sensitive. But as time goes by the immune grows and has a certain reaction to the outside. Each baby has different sensitivity, no matter to the laundry detergent, food, certain fabric, and many more. See our advice below about what to do if your baby has sensitive skin.

Before you really take care of them, have you already known what sensitive skin is? As we mentioned above, your baby’s skin will develop as they grow. Sadly, not all baby through this process completely. Some others have the uncovered patches. These patches can be red or irritated once touched by many factors. Thus, you have to know the causes are. While you are covering about it, read these tips what to do if your baby has sensitive skin:

1.      Avoid Frequent Bathing

If you bath your baby more than three times a day will remove their skin natural oils. In fact, this oil is needed to cover their skin. Too frequent bathing will make their skin dry and even worse cause eczema. But, remember, it doesn’t mean you don’t change their diaper. Don’t let their diaper dirty. Just clean by the wet tissue or warm towel. Keeping the skin clean and dry after a wash is important.

2.      Don’t Use Scented Product

You might want your baby smelly cute. Well, hold your self for it if your baby’s skin is sensitive. There are baby products which free-fragrant. Actually, it is for the sensitive skin baby. Choose it because probably your baby’s skin cannot deal with the scented detergent, soap, or anything.

3.      Choose Soft and Breathable Fabrics

Today there are many kinds of baby clothes. It is made from various fabrics. Make sure that you choose only the soft and breathable clothes. Don’t put the color or design as your priority. Your baby’s comfort is number one. Cotton, jersey knit, and fleece are samples of the good fabric.

4.      Protect from the Sun

The other tip is avoiding the skin from sun exposure. Reduce the intensity of direct contact might help your baby’s skin. Wear them with long cloth and pants. Also, you can complete the protection by applying the baby’s product with SPF. Be careful in choosing this product. Make sure that the SPF is safe for the baby.

5.      Moisturize the Skin

The easiest way to keep your baby’s skin sensitivity is by applying lotion. This is very helpful because it keeps the skin moist. Because the lotion creates a barrier for the skin from external irritants. There are many brands that offer this protection. You can explore it by yourself.

Those are our tips about what to do if your baby has sensitive skin. Every parent should know about this, in case they face the same condition. Don’t be panic and just calm. But if you see the skin is getting worse or showing strange symptoms, then go to the doctor.