How To Feeding Kitten With Bottle

Kittens under the age of 1 month only need to drink milk directly from the mother. Giving any form of food is still not very recommended at this age. However, if it turns out the mother is not able to breastfeed her child. Then we can replace that role by giving special formula milk directly to the kitten. Especially feeding kitten with bottle.

1. Preparing Equipment

Try to feeding kitten with bottle and pacifiers specifically for kittens. A special bottle with an opening on it to regulate the flow of milk to the kitten’s mouth from a pacifier or a special cat bottle like the picture above is also no problem. Pacifiers are also thin and long, very suitable for the kitten’s mouth and allow the kitten to suck too from its mother.

But if it turns out the device is not available, other options can use a syringe or eyedropper. We can use both to drip milk into the cat’s mouth. The drawback of this tool, namely kittens can not suck it.

2. Sterilize Equipment

Remember to always maintain the stability of our kitten’s tableware. Washing it is not enough, we need to use a sterilizer with steam or soak all the equipment using the sterilizing liquid.

3. Make Milk for Kittens

Two types of cat formula milk are commonly sold on the market. Namely liquid formula milk and powdered formula milk. Always follow the measurements and instructions for use in the formula milk packaging to get the right milk for thickness. Milk that is too runny has a nutrient content. That is too low whereas milk that is too thick will make the kitten’s stomach hurt.

Make milk only every time it will be given to kittens. Milk does not contain preservatives so that it will not last long. In addition, kittens are still very vulnerable to bacteria that can contaminate milk.

Try to keep the temperature of the formula milk we make can still be tolerated by our kittens, neither hot nor cold. The indicator can be a little dripping on the back of our hands if it fits then the temperature will feel the same as the temperature of our skin.

4. Check Body Temperature

Make sure the kitten’s body temperature is warm before giving milk. This is because the kitten’s digestive rate is very dependent on its body temperature. Cold body temperature will slow down the rate of digestion and make milk ferment in the kitten’s stomach and this will affect its health later.

Naturally, the kitten’s body temperature is always awake warm because when drinking milk from its mother. The kitten will lie tightly with the body of the mother. Which tends to heat. Ideally, the kitten’s body temperature is in the range of 35.5 – 37.7 degrees Celsius.

5. Start to Give Milk

When giving milk to the kitten we try to sit in a comfortable chair with a soft base in the lap. Make the kitten’s position the same as when it was breastfeeding with the mother namely: head held high, belly leaning, and legs under.

Drop formula milk from the syringe or pacifier tip and thrust it into the kitten’s mouth. Most likely, the kitten will smell milk and will try to reach for the pacifier with its mouth. After the kitten reaches for the pacifier, its instinct will make it start sucking later.

The important thing to note is the position of the kitten. Always make sure your kitten is leaning during nursing and her head is not raised. A raised head is at risk of making milk inhale into the lungs and cause severe pain for kittens or even death.

During the process of feeding kitten with bottle, always pay attention to our kitten. And make sure no milk enters through the nose and the stomach does not enlarge. This is a sign that our kitten is full, but he is not aware of it. Remember, don’t give too much milk.

Jobs Related To Animal With High Salary

Having a high salary job is a dream that almost everyone would love to have. Imagine if you can have a high salary job by just being with animals? Or you can get paid by treating animals? Well, don’t worry, it is all possible because now there are jobs related to animal. These days, animal owners love their animals so much that they would spend much on their pets. They would treat them just like their kids.

jobs related to animal

If you are an animal lover and seeking a job, they are on the right track. Based on census data, there are many jobs related to animal. And they make an amount of money enough for your daily needs. Try out some of these jobs and see whether you are suitable or not:

1. Groomers

Like humans, animal loves when its treatment time. A groomer is a person responsible for the animal’s treatment. Usually, the treatment will consist of cleaning it up and trimming their fur. Groomers or also known as an animal caretaker can make up to $34,000 a year. The more expensive the animal is the higher the pay is. So, who can apply for this position? Anyone, at least a high school diploma who also loves animals. Usually, new beginners will be given training at the sport. However, if you want to be more expert, there are grooming classes available.

2. Kennel Attendant, Pet Sitter

Also, like babies, animals need a pet sitter when their owners leave them. So, the main tasks of a kennel attendant are to take care of people’s pets while they are off. This may seem like an easy job, if you have the skill. However, if you don’t then it can be a small war between you and the animal. Therefore, to apply for this job, you must at least have a high school diploma. And understand basic jobs when petting. Usually, owners will prefer with experience to take over their pets. For this job, you can obtain an average of $21,000/year.

3.  Veterinary

Doctors for animals is one of the most popular jobs related to animal. To be a veterinary you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree first. Then, determine what major study you would like to focus on. Because when it comes to animals, there is just too much to learn. The main job of veterinary is to take care of animals, whether they are sick or not. The salary range for this job is around $40,000/year.

4. Trainer

Just like other trainers, the job is to train animals for a certain task. Some trainers help animals to feel more comfortable with human This is not an easy job, but there is no special requirement needed to apply for the job. Most people in this job can get $26,000/year.

5. Zoologist

An interesting job related to animals it zoologists. The job here is to study more about animals and wildlife in their daily life. This work push people to study but at the same time, they get paid. However, the results of their study can’t be directly being used. The highest rate people can get here is $100,000/year.

If you love animals, there are many jobs related to animal that you can try. Despite that, when working with an animal make sure to watch out for the cleanness and health. Make sure not to bring virus up from animals.   

Can Fleas Transfer From Dog to Human? The Answer and How To Prevent It

At this time, there are many households around the world have dogs as a pet. Besides, half of them are sharing their beds with a human. Outside there, many living creatures can infect a dog and caused diseases. One of those creatures is flea. As a result, many people start asking can fleas transfer from dog to human?

Can Fleas Transfer from Dog to Human

We always wondered how creepy it is when we face the fleas in our hair. Furthermore, the fleas usually infected a dog and then caused itchy in pet skin and make them feel tortured. But have we ever searching for more about can fleas transfer from dog to human? We will give you the answer.

Can Fleas Transfer from Dog to Human?

Yes, the fleas can be transferred from a dog to a human. When our pets infected by fleas, we usually bath them with an anti-fleas shampoo or spray-medicine to kill the fleas. In contrast, sometimes we ignore that fleas can live in our hair or other animals. Fleas from a dog can transfer to a human while we don’t know how to treat our pets better.

There are many species of fleas and each animal has specific fleas that can infect them. Above all, humans have a few species of fleas that can live in her head. hile the fleas that infected your dog jump into us and then bite us, the fleas will not survive on it. This is because our body is less hairy for the fleas to hide on. Besides, fleas can hibernate on carpet or other spot and waiting to infect your dogs.

How Can We Spot a Disease are Caused By Fleas?

Many people thinking that the main symptoms of the fleas are itchy skin. But this itchy is just appear in people or pets with an allergy. If you don’t have any allergies to fleas saliva, these symptoms won’t appear.

If something that bites you is fleas, it will visible some signs. Firstly, there are little bites with a red color and little bumps. Secondly, there will be a white circle around the bites. Bites will appear in the group form a straight line. Above all, you will see bites around the leg or foot.

Fleas Treatment

If you have dogs and cats as a pet in your home, it is important to treat all of them. Because the dog and cats can share the same fleas. First of all, you need to apply a product that contains the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) on your home and your pets to destroy all the flea eggs and larvae. Besides, you also should clean your house with a vacuum cleaner and then throw it in the right place.

If your dogs are mostly live outside the house you can spray a product containing IGR near your house. You need to focus on tall grass and areas that didn’t touch by the sunlight. Don’t forget to repeat it every 2 – 3 weeks.

There is the answer to the question of can fleas transfer from dog to human? I also give you some tricks to spot it and prevent it. I hope this article can help you.