5 Things You Should Know Before Diving with Manta Rays Hawaii

If everyone has the same chance to travel around the world, then Hawaii must be included in their list. It is a beautiful island where you’d get a complete package of a holiday. Culture, culinary, even water activities are so varied here. One of the favorite water activities to do is diving with manta rays Hawaii. Don’t miss to do this while you are there.

Actually, there are some spots to dive with manta rays around the world. But Hawaii is the best place for it. You don’t only swim along with that fish, but also you will be amazed by the beauty inside the sea. Many people know that Hawaii has a special sight for beach. Thus, diving with manta rays Hawaii is not the same as you do in other places. Before you do this, there are things you should pay attention, like:

1.      The Safety

You might Google how the manta rays look like. You must be amazed by seeing the fish that big. Indeed, manta rays are very big because their size can be up to 9 meters and their weight is possibly up to 2 tons. However, they are good animals and will not hurt you. That is why diving with manta rays Hawaii is something that tourists like to do.

2.      The Ecology

It is quite difficult to find manta rays, but not that hard too. Manta rays love being in warm water. They eat plankton, thus if you are lucky, you will find them near the reef. Sometimes they swim near the surface and suddenly leaps. When you dive in, you might meet them at the reef cleaning station. There is a place where swimmers and divers can see closely.

3.      The Site

As we mentioned above that there are many sites to dive with manta rays. However, there is no better site than in Kona, Hawaii. The thing that makes it special because the site is popular with “cleaning stations”. It means you can see directly how manta rays cleaning their bodies by smaller creatures. It is so fun to see their activity. Also, you can see while they are enjoying “dinner” too there.

4.      The Preparation

If you want to dive, of course, you have to be skilled before. No matter you are a beginner or master, you can enjoy diving with manta rays Hawaii. But don’t be sad if you cannot swim, just have snorkeling to see manta rays. Before you do this, you must contact the manta learning center or Hawaii tourism center. They have strict rules and standards to protect the manta rays.

5.      The Right Time

Morning is the best time to dive with manta rays. The tour will start departing from a harbor, then take you to the site. You will arrive in a feeding zone where manta rays gathered. Just like the other diving session, the instructor will give you some instructions about do’s and don’ts. They explain how to behave while you are around manta rays.

Other people dive and snorkel at night. But it is only to experience one because you will get a different view. Indeed, the sensation is different than you do in the morning or evening. Diving with manta rays Hawaii must be added to your holiday list. Or, you will be sorry seeing your friends do it first.